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Copper Benefits

Mehta Tubes Ltd.You can depend on copper, in large or small diameters, for liquid or gas, for high or low pressure systems under a wide range of temperatures, and reduce costs for any mechanical system.

Key benefits offered by copper tube include:


Copper has excellent thermal conductivity, corrosion resistivity, and durability. Copper tubes are available in two basic types- plumbing and for air conditioning/refrigeration. Easy to use and install, these tubes are available in both drawn (hard) and annealed (soft) tempers types. These tubes are also available in a wide range of diameters (from 1/8 inch to 12 inches) and wall thicknesses. Fittings that suit every design and application can readily be obtained.

Variety of Applications

Mehta TubesMehta Tubes manufactures copper tubes for all kinds of mechanical systems. They can be used for a variety of uses such as:

Wide Range of Sizes

Mehta TubesMehta Tubes offers copper tubes in a large variety of dimensions. These tubes can be availed in large or small diameter, to fit every specifications. These tubes are perfect for forced-circulation of hot water heating systems and are economical with soldered joints and require less space for installation.

We also offer copper tubes to be used in drainage systems. Type DWV tube has been successfully used for many years. Large-diameter tubes are also available which are joined by soldering or brazing. These tubes are cost-effective solutions for water distribution and also for fire-protection risers in multi-story buildings. Copper's superior hydraulic-flow characteristics permit precise tube and pump sizing.

Problem-Free Performance

Copper has been used for plumbing and mechanical systems since metals were first employed in these applications. It offers a dependable performance and hence more use of copper in an installation assures reliability. Popularly used in heating systems, it is considered superior to other metals.

Long Lasting and Maintenance Free

Copper has been used for century and satisfied its customers with its durability. It has gain new popularity in its new form, light, strong, corrosion-resistant tube. These tubes are long lasting, maintenance- free and hence are extensively used for plumbing, heating, cooling and other mechanical systems. In addition, the green film that forms inside the copper tube is a natural protection against corrosion. Copper offers trouble free performance and hence are extensively used by the industry giants. Another benefit of copper is that is does not burn, nor support combustion.

Corrosion Resistance

Copper's excellent corrosion resistance property and hence is used in many systems. Solar energy systems benefit from copper's resistance to both atmospheric and aqueous corrosion. Copper is also used in water distribution and fire sprinkler systems. Internal corrosion resistance results in superior flow capacity as compared to other materials, which require additional allowances for corrosion, scaling, out-of-roundness and smaller internal diameter when compared size-to-size with copper. Instead copper tube bores remain smooth and internal diameters stay constant. Owing to this feature, copper fire sprinkler system can use smaller diameters to provide the same sprinkler coverage as a steel system - with significant savings in installed costs.

High Thermal Conductivity

Copper has high thermal conductivity and heats up eight times better than other metals. Hence these pipes are used in application involving heat transfer from radiant heating to snow melting to direct exchange, in geothermal pump systems. Copper is far better conductor of heat when compared with other metals which proves advantageous in solar energy systems where superior thermal conductivity means thinner copper sheets that can collect same amount of heat as the gauge sheet of aluminum or steel and hence copper collector tubes can be more widely spaced.

Easy to Join and Install

Copper is also advantageous as it adds system integrity and also lowers installation costs as well as labor costs. Copper tubes and fitting can easily be joined metallurgically by soldering or brazing and as copper is ductile and can be customized to fit most design configurations. Owing to copper's formability, it is often possible to eliminate the use of fittings like elbows and joints.

An Abundant Resource

Copper is abundantly available and our stocks will lasts for years. In addition, copper has an advantage; it can be recycled, owing to which half of the copper used in India comes from recycled scrap, which has been and will be used over and over again. Copper recovered is as usable as the copper refined from ore.

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