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Copper Heat Exchangers & Radiators

The range of Copper Heat Exchangers and Radiators, made with special alloys, are lighter but yet stronger than traditional soldered copper/brass radiators. New technologies like laser welding are used to manufacture advanced copper radiators. They are of superior quality, more durable and efficient than the conventional soldered radiators.

The combination of unique properties of copper and brass, such as superior thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, highly favorable life-cycle energy use, virtual 100% recyclability, and exceptionally low energy cost as remanufactured scrap, makes it clear that still the oldest known metal is even better for future car and truck radiators.

Competitive Advantages of Copper (Versus Aluminum Radiators)

Technical :
  • High tensile yield strength
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Lower coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Higher modulus of elasticity
  • Higher melting point
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Easy repair ability
  • No-flux brazing
Commercial :
  • High-quality reputation
  • Well-established aftermarket tradition (infrastructure in place)
  • High scrap value
  • Lower fabrication cost for tube and header material
  • Well-established recycling tradition (infrastructure in place)

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Copper Pipe for City & Fuel Gas Distribution

For years, copper tubes have been used for domestic water supply, sanitary drainage, medical gas, heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, solar and fire sprinkler systems etc., and are known for excellent performance in all environment.

Until recently threaded steel pipe has been used in fuel gas distribution systems in residential applications. But now still pipes are being replaced by copper tubes for the distribution of natural and liquefied petroleum (LP) gas ranging from single-family attached and detached to multi-story buildings etc. These copper gas distribution lines have also been installed for many years in commercial buildings such as strip malls, hotels and motels.

Key advantages of using copper for fuel gas distribution systems:

  • Cost-effective for both low and high pressure systems
  • Lowest overall installed system cost for fuel gas applications
  • Easiest system to install
  • Lowest cost material amongst flexible materials
  • Material certified to an ASTM standard
  • Large labor savings over black steel pipe
Copper Pipe for City & Fuel Gas
Various kinds of gas equipment and appliances are used in modern households. Efficient heating may be achieved by central heating systems and room heaters. The central systems usually do have provisions for cooling as well. Mehta Tubes offers Gas-fired water heaters that are noted for their quick recovery rates. Our other items includes cooking ranges, ovens, decorative lighting, clothes, fireplaces, dryers and gas barbecues.

As copper is flexible, resistant to corrosion, easy to join and can be availed in different length as per requirements, these tubes are beneficial for for homeowners, housing developers, builders, installation contractors and gas companies, when used for gas distribution system.

Easier to clean, these tubes require less time for installation and are cost effective as well and hence are perfect for single-family dwellings. For multistory residences, copper gas distribution systems reduces the cost of installation cost when compared with that of electricity for heating, laundry and cooking applications.

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Copper Pipe for Irrigation & Agricultural Sprinkler System

Copper is the most preferred option for hydraulically calculated fire sprinkler systems due to the following unique properties of copper :

Superior Flow Characteristics
  • Copper Prevents Capacity Loss and Maximizes System Life: Copper's resistance to corrosion reduces scaling of tubing's inner surface. Oversizing of piping is not required to compensate for diminished flow capacity, as is required in steel pipe systems in which corrosion buildup restricts flow as systems age
  • Copper has another advantage as the measurement of a tube's internal diameter remains constant throughout its life span. The oxide film, which naturally forms on the tubes inner surface does not flake off, instead acts as a protective barrier. In copper sprinkler clogging of components heads and small-diameter branch lines due to flaking is non-existent. Hence there is a reduction in periodic maintenance flushing operations.
Copper Pipe for Irrigation &
    Agricultural Sprinkler System
With copper's superior flow characteristics, system designers can incorporate several economies that help keep costs down:

Installation Ease and Versatility
Copper is extremely easy to install, is cost effective and has more designing options. From initial delivery to installation, entire work can be done within a short span of time. With copper, there are no such problems of storing, delivery, handling etc., when compared with other material.

Copper's properties of ease of handling avails more options for designing and either shop or field fabrication. With the use of portable hand tools, bending, cutting and joining of copper can be accomplished in limited-space areas.

With modern tools and machinery installation cost of tee connections and outlets in copper facilitates shop or field assembly is reduced by 25%.

Copper is rigid and lightweight and hence fewer hangers and supports are required when compared with other piping systems. Copper requires no special hold-downs to maintain alignment under pressure.

Innovative Possibilities
Copper Permits Combining Hydronic Systems: A single copper piping loop can supply water to both sprinkler system and heat pumps. And thus saves per square foot in building costs for a combined system.

Using a water-source heat pump with a sprinkler is a more efficient way to obtain better fire protection at lower cost than having separate systems for heating, cooling and fire protection.

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Copper Heating Products

Heating products by Mehta Tubes Ltd. are supplied in 3 or 6 meter straight length in the half hard condition. It is a perfect temper for cold bending, max forming and can also easily bend on an appropriate bending machine for 6 to 22mm O.D. sizes, with a bending spring. Their easy to manipulate property and light weight give them the ability to withstand high internal pressure, which makes them perfect for hot and cold water, central heating and gas services installations. Used for drinking water, central heating, sanitation, hot and cold water, and various engineering applications.

Certified as per BS EN 1057 - R220 (Previous Designation BS 2871 : Part 1: Table Y) these pipes are supplied in either 6m long half or annealed 25m or 23 m long coils. They come with a wall thickness of approximately 1.5 times thicker than Max. Ideal for underground application, the extra wall thickness allows them to be used on certain pressurized stem installations with maximum working temperature of 205o C.
Copper Heating Products

6 8 10 12 15 22 28 35 42 54 66.7 76.1 108 133 159
Max Mean O.D mm 6.04 8.04 10.04 12.04 15.04 22.05 28.05 35.06 42.06 54.06 66.77 76.17 108.17 133.20 159.20
Min Mead O.D. mm 5.96 7.96 9.96 11.96 14.96 21.95 27.95 34.94 41.94 53.94 66.63 76.03 107.9 132.80 158.80
W.T. mm 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.7 0.9 0.9 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.5 1.5 1.5 2.0
Max W.P. (65C) Bar 133 97 77 63 58 51 40 42 35 27 20 24 17 14 15

8 Good reasons to choose and use copper for heating systems

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Copper Tubes for General Engineering

Copper Tubes for General Engineering
Copper Tubes, manufactured by us, can also be used for general engineering. In residential buildings and small one- and two-story commercial buildings, the drainage piping is usually straightforward in design and simple in installation. Type DWV copper tube, installed with good workmanship by an experienced plumber, will provide many years of trouble-free service.

Copper DWV tube has been used successfully for years in all parts of drainage plumbing systems for high-rise buildings-for soil and vent stacks and for soil, waste and vent branches. Copper tube's lightweight and the ease with which it can be prefabricated have been especially important in high-rise drainage systems.

Copper Tubes for General Engineering
B.S. 2871 Part 2/72 C 106
Near Equivalent specification IS 2501/ 77 DHP

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