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Copper Tee

Mehta Tubes is a prominent producer, supplier, and exporter of Copper Tees. Stringent new standards, such as enhanced operational efficiency and the reduction or elimination of undesirable emissions, have resulted in a growing appreciation for the role of copper tube in product enhancement. Mexflow®'s copper fittings has uniform chemical composition and physical properties that ensures a long-lasting performance and reliability.

Copper Fittings are available in grades like ETP, DHP & DLP.

Carbon in bore - The internal surface of our copper capillary fittings for soldering does not contain any detrimental film nor present a carbon level high enough to allow the formation of such a film during installation. The maximum total carbon level on internal surfaces do not exceed 1.0 mg/dm in accordance with specifications.

Resistance to dezincification- Our Components , which are manufactured from alloys containing more than 10% zinc(including brass) and which are required to be resistant dezincification, shall be capable of meeting the acceptance criteria for resistance to dezincification.

Resistance to stress corrosion- The fittings are resistant to stress corrosion. Components manufactured from alloys will show no evidence of cracking.

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