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Why Mexflow

Discover the Benefits of Mexflow Copper Pipes

Mehta Tubes Ltd.Mexflow Copper Pipes offer customers a superior Plumbing solution. After all, people around the developed world enjoy the benefits of Copper Plumbing. Discovered millions of years ago. Copper is a versatile metal and can withstand varied temperature conditions and high water pressures, without springing leaks.

Zero Leakage with Mexflow Copper Pipes

There are no threads on Mexflow Copper Pipes. The pipes are joined together by soldering or brazing, making them 100% leak-proof. What's more, Mexflow Copper Pipes can handle extreme weather conditions, making them ideal for usage across the country.

No. Maintenance with Mexflow Copper Pipes

A well-installed Copper Plumbing system is durable and lasts for up to 50 years. Besides, Mexflow guarantees you hi-purity Copper for long life

Stop the brown water problem with Mexflow Copper Pipes

Mexflow Copper Pipes are non-porous and inert. They do not react easily with other materials. Their natural resistance to rust eliminates the problem of 'brown water', which is a problem in galvanized iron plumbing. Also, due to their smooth inner surface, scaling and sediment deposition in the pipes are reduced, thus giving you clear water, day after day, for years.

Low Cost Easy Installation

Mexflow Copper Pipes are not expensive. Copper Plumbing for a bathroom is cost effective. Also, it is faster to install. Gl plumbing for the same bathroom would take a full day to install, while Copper Plumbing can be installed in a few hours.

Benefit from our expertise and experience

At Mehta Tubes, total quality is the objective of every department of the company. The professional expertise combined with the modern manufacturing processes ensures that Mexflow Copper Pipes are made to high standards of quality, meeting the requirements of each of our clients. The quality control team ensures that each product adheres to international specifications like BIS:EN 1057,

Dispatches from our factory are inspected by reputed 3rd party inspectors likeLloyds, SGSetc.

Also available with Mexflow Copper Pipes are IBP Conex fittings for the complete Copper Plumbing solution.

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