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In Short

Leading Manufacturer of Copper & Copper Alloy Products

Mehta Tubes Limited (MTL) is a leading manufacturer of superior copper and copper alloy tube/pipes, copper bar/rod, busbars/strips. Our products can be applied to an array of applications like Electrical Systems, Medical Gas Pipeline Systems, HVAC&R, Heat Exchangers & Condensers and Automobiles.

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At A Glance

USD 80 Million Sales Globally

12000 M.TON Annual Production

1000+ Employees


5 Production Units

Across India

2000+ Happy Clients

Around the world


Welcome to the world of Copper!

Why Us


Our extensive experience in the diverse domains of the nonferrous industry allows us superiority over many other competitors in the sector. We specialize in the processing and manufacture of copper & copper alloy products.

Extensive Product Knowledge

Since we have been in the business for more than 5 Decades and have supported many sectors, we feel that we have an extensive knowledge of the copper & copper alloy products we deal with. Our team has always been working hard to keep us up to date in this new age

Techno savvy infrastructure

We're forward-looking and we realise where we're headed. That keeps us always interested in new discoveries and inventions that can make life a positive thing. Within the business, we have the latest machines in our workflow to handle any scale of requirements quite efficiently.

Large production capacity

We are capable of meeting every requirement of our clientele and are well prepared to produce and store large quantities of raw materials and finished goods aided by our large inventory base.

Trained Engineers and Research Personnel

Trained engineers and research personnel who are actively engaged in exploring the new technologies keep us always delivering excellence in the quality of our goods.

High Quality Standards

Our entire range of products is designed with quality in mind and is a benchmark for international standards. Only the finest quality raw materials are used in the manufacturing of our products.

High level of Customization

Our products are available in various sizes, shapes and grades. We have solutions to all specific customer requirements or customizations required for our products.


Industries we serve

Our products are highly relied upon for HVAC & R and hence supplied at large scale to top companies in India and abroad.
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Medical Gas Plant Services

Our products are exported to various Medical Gas Plants and Chemical industries across India.
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Oil & Gas

Our products are supplied at a large scale to Oil & Gas companies in India and exported to companies located outside India.
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Power Plant

Our products are largely needed by power generation plants from different parts of the country and around the world.
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Our products have been used by major electronics manufacturing companies in India and integrated in different electrical components.
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Defence & Marine Industry

Our products find great application in the defense and marine industry in the country.
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Desalination Plants

We have supplied a broad range of our products to desalination plants located in the country.
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Our products find application in plumbing systems.
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Metro & Railways

Our products find application in Metro and Railways.
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