About us

Mehta Tubes Limited (MTL) is a leading manufacturer of superior copper and copper alloy tube/pipes, copper bar/rod, busbars/strips. Our products can be applied to an array of applications like Electrical Systems, Medical Gas Pipeline Systems, HVAC&R, Heat Exchangers & Condensers and Automobiles.

Mehta Tubes Limited started operations in 1988 with the manufacturing of copper & brass tubes and has now progressed to add numerous other alloys & products to our vast range of Copper products like copper bar, copper pipe and copper rod. Since the early days of our inception, we have gathered incisive industry knowledge and market awareness. Company now possesses the technical know-how and infrastructure to produce a vast range of copper & copper alloy products. In more than a decade of our existence, Mehta Tubes have also built up a lasting relationship with its clients consisting of reputed corporate's all over the globe.

Our dedication to exceed the expectations of our customers fuels us to innovate our processes and products to produce excellent products. We continuously bring improvements and think of new ways to make our products better.



Electrical Accessories

Almost all electrical systems make use of copper in one form or the other whether it is wires or specific parts as copper is a good conductor of electricity. We also manufacture Electrical accessories made out of copper that are durable and provide better functionality.


Heat Exchangers and Condensers

Copper & Copper Alloy tubes & pipes are widely used in Heat exchangers and condensers because it is more compact, non-corrosive and durable than any other material for heat exchangers and condensers. Specially used for Saline water applications. Copper can also be recycled to be used again.


Medical Gas Pipeline Systems

Degreased Copper Tubes & Fittings are only recommended product for Oxygen & other gases supply from the Oxygen Tanks or Oxygen Supply room to O.T., ICU, Normal Beds in Hospital.


VRV-VRF & HVAC&R Industry

Carbon Free Copper Tubes & Fittings are used for connections of Outdoor Units to Indoor Units for Supply of Liquid & Air to and fro the systems. Copper helps for the best performance of the units as well helps save energy and better cooling.


Automobile Parts

Copper finds different and varied uses in automobiles, from brake fluid tubes to electric motors. Copper is extensively used in the new electrically powered steering and brakes. The use of copper in automobiles is due to its current carrying capacity, thermal properties, corrosion resistance and, of course, cost.


Other Products

We also offer customized products of different standard as per the customer requirements. These products has various applications.

Our Infrastructure

Establishing and maintaining a constant growth rate over the years, our ever-increasing infrastructure now consists of a state of the art production facility in Gujarat. Our production facility is well equipped with the latest machineries for making products in large quantities.

One of our most valuable assets is the group of skilled engineers and workers who work in our production plant. They are the backbone of our institution and provide the most needed skills to enable us to produce superior products.


We also take pride in our R & D team who constantly strive to bring the latest technologies to use in our products.


Our extensive experience in specific areas of the non-ferrous industry gives us the edge over other players in the industry.


We are specialized in the production and processing of products made out of copper.

Some of the reasons why we are preferred  over others in the industry!BUSINESS FEATURES

Extensive knowledge of products


Techno-savvy infrastructure


Equipped for large production capacity


Skilled Engineers and Research Personnel


High Quality Standards on every service


High level customisation to serve specific requirements


As we believe in raising our benchmarks of quality, we maintain stringent quality standards in our processes of manufacturing our products. Our products go through rigorous quality checks at every stage of production right from the sourcing of raw materials to the final testing.

Remaining true to our beliefs, we strive for continuous improvements in the way we work and deliver products to our customers with whom we wish to maintain a lasting business partnership.

Our Philosophy

Our methodology of working is structured around our belief that to make innovative and superior products, we have to continually bring improvements to the way we work and deliver our products.

Our manufacturing processes are regularly updated to bring the latest technologies to use. This enables us to effectively deploy our resources and manpower to boost production and improve cost efficiency. Serving the ultimate best to every customer is the key to business growth!

Quality Policy